Project 2 Ice Cream or Candy

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New Ice Cream Flavor Name: Institution: Abstract Successful business calls for innovation and product advancement on a continual basis. Thereby, in an effort to attract a new pool of customers, this paper talks of a new ice cream flavor meant to double the nutritional value of the ice cream and enhance its savory taste due to the garlic. The new flavor will be served in scoops where one scoop will be equivalent to one serving. The pricing will be per serving, and in reference to the existing market prices, bundle pricing will be encouraged so that the new flavor will go for an average of $4.5, which will be reasonable for both the vendor and the customers. The young generation consisting of millennials and tweens will be targeted, and considering the attractiveness of the ice cream and the enhanced health benefits, it will be ideal for these two generations. The social media will be selected as the advertising tool to reach out to these generations because they are deemed to spend substantial time online. The new ice cream flavor, garlic-cherry ice cream, contains garlic extract and cherry juice concentrate, both of which add nutritional value to it considering their herbal properties. The cherry juice concentrate gives the ice cream a pink color, and the cube-shaped cherry cuts give the ice cream an unsmooth texture. Nonetheless, the pink color and the red cheery cuts make it attractive and desirable. The ice cream will be served in various serving sizes like white cones and wine glasses; the general appearance will be enhanced by gratings of fudge. The price of the garlic-cherry ice cream will be based on the prices in the market, and considering that

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