Professionalism in Law Enforcement

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Professionalism in Law Enforcement Student: Institution: Introduction Any society needs to manage its affairs by law and order. Thus, there must be a system by which some of the members of a community or society help in organizing ways by which to enforce the law. This process requires the identification, deterrence, rehabilitation, as well as the punishment of some of the errant members of society in regard to the norms of the society. In many cases, law enforcement has been used to refer to courts and some of the authorities who are entitled to patrol with the aim of discovering and correcting criminal activities. However, other entities do surveillance, investigation, and prosecution in the process of dissuading criminality as well as ensuring all offenders are punished. This task of law enforcement has been mostly carried out by the police and other related agencies. Thus, law enforcement is used to deal with the processes that prevent or deter crimes as well as punishing those who go against the dictates of the set customs. On the other side, professionalism is the practice of competence that demonstrates a skillful execution of duties and responsibilities in a particular field. The value of professionalism ought to demonstrate adequate training, sound judgment, polite behavior, and allegiance to the law. Law enforcement agencies are individuals tasked with the responsibility of making sure that laws and regulations in any society are adhered to need to act with the highest level of competence. The police, who are the number one law enforcers, have the duty to demonstrate professional skills and expertise in their daily work. This process will help them

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