Prodigy Maths Game

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Student Name Instructor Course Date Prodigy Gaming for Math The online game has been designed to help students in developing strategic immersion, which helps them in solving math questions. The game has been designed to every each student across all grades to improve their problem-solving skills. In addition, the game has improved tools such as the virtual manipulative in which the teachers can walk through the student in the solving of the problems. Furthermore, there is an assessment feature to check on the progress of the student’s performance. How they promote learning One way that the prodigy game improves learning is the embedded assessment that follows. Without the assessment, it would be difficult to make conclusions on whether the students understood what was to be learned. Typically, the students learn without having an idea that there will be an assessment. The fear of being tested is not available hence; students play the game for fun and for winning. It means that they will put all their efforts without everything on their mind. In addition, the game has a 24/7 reporting systemCITATION Fan18 p 2 l 1033 (Fandom 2). Aside from the time the game is played in the classroom, the students are able to play that game outside their classes. Interestingly, a teacher can still monitor the performance of that student. Now, the monitoring process is a key aspect in the growth of skills. The teacher will understand areas that individual students have mastered and areas that they need additional support. Hence, the teacher will work on the weaknesses of the student and help them improve. Another way that the gaming program has been helping the students is

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