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Process Recording Name: University: Lecturer: Date: It was one of the most exciting moments in my career to get my second Progress Recording. Working as an internship social worker in 3K and pre-K school called SCO family service call for bigger responsibility. Ideally, in SCO family, I work with programs which intend to help children of birth and five who come from the humble background. The program is suitable designed to promote emotional, social, cognitive and language so as to ensure that they are adequately prepared to begin the school. The responsibilities I took varies and includes assisting them with nutritional needs, issues related to health, psychological concerns and the special needs. As a caregiver working with SCO family, am in charge of the children, therefore, I make sure they get the best out of me. The major problem I encountered was with one kid, Jose, who did not go well with the caregiver working in the SCO family. Despite being encouraged to behave or work in a certain way, he simply behaved in an opposite way in what I believed to be a psychological problem. SUPERVISORY COMMENTS INTERVIEW CONTENT (I said, he said) STUDENT’S GUT LEVEL FEELINGS CLIENTS FEELING IDETIFY INTERVENTION & MAJOR THEMES I said, “ I want the kid to comprehend how to explain themselves, for instance when asking permission to the teacher on how she is feeling hungry,” I wanted the care taker of the SCO institution discuss what she thinks are Jose Problems Smiling Analyzing the situation and getting a unique perspective on the challenges of the kids from the poor families. I strived to help the care taker and the child to

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