Problems of poverty and inequality

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Problems of Poverty and Inequality Name Institution Abstract Poverty is a complex concept in itself that may include political,social or economic elements. Destitution, Extreme or absolute poverty refers to completely lacking necessary means of meeting the basic needs like shelter,clothing, and food. This paper examines the poverty menace and how it has affected a huge portion of the American population. This has been done through an analysis of various articles which have been developed by different scholars and authors. The paper focused more on the poverty levels and the problems that are associated with the issue as well as the issue of inequality in the society. 50 percent of the population of the United States can be described as poor or near poor. The levels of poverty are so dire that even the basic of the basic needs are only available for those that can afford them. This essay is a reaction paper to the article titled “Overwhelming Evidence that Half of America is in or Near Poverty” by Paul Buchheit. Keywords: poverty, inequality, basic needs Problems of Poverty and Inequality Poverty is one of the problems that is being experienced by a larger populace of the society. There are many reasons behind some people experiencing high poverty levels while others are relatively wealthy. For instance, in the article, different countries have their definitions of poverty, and that relates to the cost of living in such countries. Various parameters are applied in measuring the poverty index of a population hence there is no absolute scale for measuring this factor. Unequal distribution of resources is one of the root causes of poverty in the society,

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