Problems experienced by immigrant mothers

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: Problems Experienced by Immigrant Mothers Immigrants in the US are estimated to comprise about 13% of the American population. The come to America with the hope of better lives and job opportunities because of poverty or conflicts in their countries of origin, the most notable immigrants are those from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The percentage of women during the early years of immigration was superseded by that far by that of mean, but with the years the trend has been changing gradually. The current statistics show that the number of men immigrating is surpassed by the female immigrants (Garcia and Franchim). This is owed to the immigration policies that were put in place, which give more consideration and emphasis on the immigration of family units. The Latino women in the US; who are mostly linked with home care jobs have indicated a relative improvement in their lives after migration in the modern day America compared to other immigrants. Women have been the primary beneficiaries in successful and legal immigration and documentation annually with over half of them obtaining green cards (Garcia and Franchim). Despite the increase in the numbers, all is not rosy for these immigrants when they arrive and settle in America as they are faced with many challenges in adapting and settling in the new country and lifestyle. These challenges of women were earlier not of concern for the natives because back then the immigrant population was not vocal about their problems because they were the minority. The immigration policies at the time were not fully inclusive and did not cater some of the aspects that were

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