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Name Instructor Course Date Abstract This paper looks into the entries made into the books of accounts relating to manufacturing accounts. Problem 15-1B looks into Agler company's manufacturing accounts which manufacture helmets. Various costs items have been classified as either product costs, direct labor, direct materials or manufacturing overheads. Total production costs have been calculated to determine the cost of producing one helmet. Problem 15-2B analysis the manufacturing accounts of Elliot's company which manufactures tennis rackets. After computing the total production costs amounting to $147,700 incurred to produce 2500 tennis rackets, the cost of producing one racket is $59.08. Problem 15-3B looks into two cases in which the cost of goods manufactured schedule; income statement and a partial balance sheet are prepared. Problem 15-4B is an excerpt of manufacturing accounts from Moxie Company in the cost of manufactured goods schedule has been prepared as well as the partial balance sheet and the income statement. Problem 15-5B looks into the financial statements of Ortiz Company in which cost of goods manufactured schedule and the income statements have been prepared. Work cited "How To Determine Manufacturing Overhead." Smallbusiness.Chron.Com, 2018,

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