problem reality television has on the youth

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Problem Reality TV Has on the Youth Name of Institution Name of Course Abstract The purpose of the paper is to describe the problems the youth experience due to the reality TV shows. The reality television started around 2000.Nowadays every channel is home of the reality shows. The reality TV is the most common genre in our today’s society. The shows are increasingly becoming viral exposing the youth to the modern world. The youth are becoming exposed to the drugs, immoral culture, sex and idol worshipping at tender ages. The consistent watching of the reality TV affects the psychology of the youths thus they begin to imitate what they see in the TV channels. The paper highlights the negative impacts of reality TV on the youth. It explains how the youth are affected by the reality shows. The conclusion gives the control measures the parents should take to curb the problem. Introduction The main negative effects of the reality TV shows include the changes in the self-esteem and loosing of focus in the one’s life. The youth begin to take life differently from what the guardians advise them (Greenfield 2014). The youths become violent and obsessed by the shows they watch. Most of the youth spend at least 28 hours glued to the television to watch such shows. This translates to 15000 hours annually. The amount of time is m more than the time a normal student spends in the school learning. Effect on the self esteem When the youth are exposed to the reality shows, they become bounded to practice the habits they watch daily. The psychologists say that the reality TV changes the way the young girls perceive themselves and how they overcome the life challenges.

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