privatization of water

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Name Instructor Course Date Water Privatization In the article “The Case for Water Privatization,” Louis Glinzak makes a case for water privatization. Societies have always embarked on two different options: public and private utilities for the provision of water. There are many theories in support and against both privatized and public water service systems. Although there have been successful cases of water privatization, critics argue that there is low social equality in water supply and it is expensive. The Economist contradicts this by saying that when privatization of water services is expensive, it will cater for higher rehabilitation, more improved the water services, and better quality of water. Glinzak suggests that water privatization will help the devolution of the government, and eliminate the corrupt entities from controlling the water services. He further says that privatization is efficient and profitable that it can use various alternatives to supply water to the people rather than through a fixed service by the central government. There are challenges of privatization as it can be mismanaged by a corrupt government, where the government may choose to favor desired companies in the bidding process. Even though water privatization will help devolution of government, in this paper, I will oppose the privatization of water services due to following reasons. One, demand for water is not affected by the market shifts. Two, water privatization is for profits, not a public concern. Three, privatization can make the poor not to access the clean water. Four, private corporations are not likely to charge of the environmental dangers. Lastly, water

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