Private Prisons

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Private Prisons Paper Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The advent of overcrowding in most federal prisons gave rise to alternative private correctional facilities to curb the situation. It should be pointed that privatization of prisons was intended to reduce the cost of incarceration that for a long time has affected the federal government. Indeed, the private prisons are said to be less expensive, and their operations are likely to incur fewer expenses. However, there exist various critics that have postulated that both private and public correctional facilities are the same in as far as the cost of operation is concerned. To be precise, the private facilities possess numerous benefits some of which relates to their service delivery and quality of services. They have achieved this by spending comparatively less as compared to public prisons. This paper, therefore, gives a comprehensive annotated bibliography of various scholars from different articles. It is depicted from the articles that private prisons are more cost-effective. The paper also discusses the findings relating to critics of the above opinion in as much as private prisons outweigh the public facilities regarding operational cost. Keywords: Public prison, private prisons, cost-effective, quality service Perrone, D., & Pratt, T. C. (2003). Comparing the quality of confinement and cost-effectiveness of public versus private prisons: What we know, why we do not know more, and where to go from here. The Prison Journal, 83(3), 301-322. According to Perrone & Pratt (2003), there is a need to analyze the cost of incarceration about private and public prisons. The

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