Preparing for Job Search

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Name Tutor Course Date Preparing for Job Search In a world where competition is the norm, I came to my epiphany when I realized that papers are not just enough to get you to places. Initially, I thought that having intelligent quotient above that of the average person suffices to open doors and windows of opportunity for anyone. I was wrong. One has to stand apart (Montoya and Vandehey, 4). A lot happens in becoming different, and it is not a one day process, but a deliberate conscious daily affair driven determination. In my personal capacity, I have tried much to seize and capitalize on every opportunity that comes my way, and not only that, to go hunting for others. Consciously, I set out to do networking, and not the kind of networking that just fills my card holder with names of people that cannot remember my name after a week. Once I had to pay for a dinner so that I meet people who matter in my profession. By all costs, my personal brand has to improve. Presentation skills are another area of my focus. This covers simple aspects of interview proficiency and public speaking (Montoya and Vandehey, 2). With so much unpredictability in the industry, you never know when these things become handy. This course has most resourceful, especially in the area of creating useful links. It’s not always about what you can get from a prospective acquaintance, but mostly what you can give. If you successfully showcase your unique abilities, then you are closer to the jackpot. There is no shortcut when growing in career, one has to start somewhere. Therefore, being choosy is too expensive a luxury. Apprenticeship and internships are good starting points. Apart from a

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