Portraying a Battle for Control of Ireland through Dagda the Good Myth

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Portraying a Battle for Control of Ireland through Dagda the Good Myth. The Dagda mythological God of the Celtic community was well versed in many areas, hence the title Dagda the Good. He was omnipotent, a talented artisan, a bold warrior with great magical powers and that he possessed great wisdom. These qualities not only made it possible for him to govern his people but also give solutions to the problems they faced, more matter how complicated they seemed. As a result, He is regarded as the greatest leader of the Irish lineage of deities for his people, Tuatha De Danann, and as the most famous God in the myths of Ireland. His actions were for the interest of his people. There are a number of conditions that were accrued to the creation of this mythical story to show a battle for control in Ireland Firstly there was a need to emphasize the importance of wit in tackling life's challenges. This is shown by how Dagda approached life situations. He once prevented a battle against a mighty giant community of monstrous warriors, Formorians. They were Tu De Danann greatest warriors. They had learnt that Dagda had a great appetite for food so they thought they would challenge it. Alleging to be good to him, they enticed, “Come on Dagda, you look so hungry, we made you your much loved food; porridge” (Talbot 33). Emptying into a giant cauldron, they put eight gallons of milk, fats, flour, goat, bacon, and sheep. Formorians persisted that he partake it all if he were to stay alive and come back to the people he led. Dagda was not shaken by the challenged and ate all the porridge. They laughed at his pot belly when in reality; it was them who were to be laughed at. His aim

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