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Portfolio Entry Name Institution How do the curriculum planners/syllabus designers: Present literature At the secondary school level, Literature is studied in the form of poetry, prose, and drama. The syllabus designers alongside the curriculum planners hence propose that Literature should get taught as part of English language. Therefore, the contents of Literature do not get presented in this line of Literature as an independent discipline. Besides, they also recommend that literature should be taught across the curriculum. The Caribbean Examination Council English Syllabus state that the syllabus should be designed in this format to emphasize the level of exposure te students have with regards to literature, not as the remote memorization of facts about literary theory but to enable the students to experience the exclusive quality of the literary text. The syllabus also entails a proposed reading list that aid Caribbean teacher in selecting an appropriate reading list for the classroom with the aim of motivating the student's interest and to establish the ability to value literature. The literature and language syllabus document recognizes the distinct value of these areas but encourages an approach to teaching that brings about strong inter-relatedness of the two (Caribbean Examination Council, 2012). Establish connections between language and literature? The designers of the syllabus establish links between literature and language through the designing of objectives that enable the students with the chance to develop their literary and grammatical use of language for effective communication (McCarty & Carter, 2014). The materials and activities fronted

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