Ponorgraphy and Ethics Revised

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First Name Last Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Pornography and the ethics of the person Sex is crucial in marriages and relationships as it improves and strengthens these unions. It is a driving force of marriage relationships that brings true love and intimacy. Purely natural sex is defined through its social, intellectual, emotional and physical aspect. Pornography, unlike a purely natural sexual act, lacks the physical and social aspect of sex. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry that has absorbed many willing individuals to act for money.According to (Weston 159, more than two-thirds of adults between the ages of 18 and 25 years are regular consumers of pornography. The question here is apart from the fame and respect the porn actors have from their money, how will the society judge them regarding morality? In a typical pornographic scene, actors portray extremely inhuman and unnatural acts that are not by the society's code of contact. It is unethical for instance to rape or engage in a sexual act with an animal. Porn actors may do so to satisfy their viewer's quest for sexual desires, but the act they are doing themselves is against the society values and norms (Weston 160). The actors who portray such an act may just be showing their highest level of immorality. Treating women as a sex object is not the real intention of sex. Women should be treated with equality and fairness like men. Porn actors who deceive their viewers into believing that they become superior through objectification are immoral as portrayed by their deeds (Weston 161). This phenomenon lacks the view the society has on sex and porn believers, due to their adventurous

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