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POLYCARBONATE Name Institution Date Abstract Straightforwardness, brilliant sturdiness, warm solidness and decent dimensional soundness make Polycarbonate (PC) a standout amongst the most utilized building thermoplastics. Reduced plates, revolt shields, vandal proof coating, infant nourishing jugs, electrical parts, wellbeing caps and headlamp focal points are all standard applications for PC. Polycarbonate is additionally a formless material, implying that it doesn't show the requested attributes of crystalline solids which contribute to the discussion below. Polycarbonate properties give the broader usage of plastics and application in the most areas of study. Among these are; technological applications such as household appliances, mobile phones and connectors; automotive applications, for example, headlamp lenses, bumpers, body panels; general industry application e.g. sporting, water dispensers, medical application, and baby bottles. Plastics also have a long history since 1898, by a German researcher and later on, many developments have been made over a period of sixty years since 1953 by a Bayer company until 2014. In our study, we will look further on the development of the polycarbonate and some of the application. Introduction Polycarbonates (PC) are a gathering of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate masses in their substance structures. Polycarbonates utilized as a part of the building, are solid, extreme materials, and a few evaluations are optically straightforward. They are effortlessly worked, shaped, and thermoformed. Given these properties, polycarbonates find numerous applications. Polycarbonates don't have an impressive star

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