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Slavery in Texas Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The institution of slavery has been harbored by almost every society or region on earth (Perbi, 2001). In a bid to flee from enslavement, three slaves, Tivi, Marian, and Richard escaped Louisiana in 1819 and moved to Tejas, one of the then Mexican provinces on the northern part of the United States that was later known as Texas. At that moment, ethnic Mexicans formed the majority of the population that inhabited the area (Beamish, 2017). After that, Texas became the home to an ever-increasing population of slaves until 1865 when Gordon abolished the institution. The migration of enslavers into the region was mostly responsible for the increase in the population of slaves in Texas as they moved with their slaves into the area. Therefore, the rise of slavery in Texas is attributed to the influx of Anglo-American settlers. Even though the slavery institution fostered the development of the agricultural sector in Texas, it hindered the development of commerce and industry. The Origin of Slavery in Texas When Texas was still a Spanish province, few slaves lived in the area (Campbell, 2010). According to Campbell, slavery was not a significant institution in the area at that moment. Settlers were encouraged to bring slaves into the region by being given eighty acres of land for each of the slaves that they owned. This implies that economic reasons were largely behind the influx of slaves in Texas. The labor provided by the slaves would be used in growing cotton, which was the most valuable item in the early 19th century Atlantic world. Therefore, slave owners regarded slavery as a practical

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