Political Advertisement Analysis

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Political Advertisement Analysis Student's Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract This paper reviews the political advertisement campaign by the name, Yes, We Can aired in 2008 during the presidential campaigns between President Barrack Obama from Illinois State of the Democratic Party and John McCain from Arizona of the Republican Party. The Ad aired in favor of president Barrack Obama. The main challenge at this time was the bad economy with the presidency of George Bush which led to 2007-2009 great recession. Bush was in favor of McCain hence Obama's campaigns compared McCain with Bush. Other issues were a war on Iraq and Afghanistan, gas prices, high unemployment, health care, war on terrorism and energy dependence. Later, Barrack Obama won the election and became the first African-American president in the nation's history. The Ad outlines how Americans were divided, the warring countries around them, and slavery in the nation. People had lost hope of ever having a changed nation. The Ad describes president Barrack Obama's slogan, Yes, We Can, which gives people motivation and morale to utilize opportunities and prosperity, repair the nation, and unite the nation at large. It re-energized Americans and gave them hope of restoring their nation. The ad was easy to master by using simple words and popular legends and came at a time of need. President Barrack Obama aired the ad and being the Democrat candidate. According to Gerhard (2014), the Democratic party promised good education, good wages, work and raise a family, safe living conditions, retire with dignity and security, quality and affordable health care, provide opportunities for women, new

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