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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Summary of the article The political article by Erica Green, which was uploaded to The New York Times on February 1st, 2018 (Green 2). The article explains the life of Karen Reyes, who is an educator protected by DACA program. Reyes teaches the deaf to integrate with the world and assist them to understand what to expect in the future. The DACA policy protected the illegal immigrant children through their childhood, adolescent, and adulthood stages. However, they were to receive deferred action from work permit and deportation for two years. The 29 year-old-educator was among thousands of immigrants who entered the country, got registered by the government, and was granted work permits. The article explains instances where the National Education Association encouraged these immigrants to apply for the DACA program during President Obama’s tenure as the president (Green 1). Daily, they are threatened that they may lose their jobs and get deported back to their countries once they fail to prove their worth and do a great job as American Educators. Ms. Reyes believes that she is yet to be a perfect educator. This becomes a tragedy in her life as she has known the United States as her home since she was a child. Currently, Texas and New York have an approximate of 2,000 educators enrolled in the DACA program (Green 1). However, the current immigration policies by President Trump pushes the educators to become more competent and revise their regulations. More educator is afraid that their days may be reduced to 119 if President Donald Trump rescinds the program (Green 4). Sociological theory This article relates to the social

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