Police Brutality

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Name Instructor Course Date Police Brutality Police brutality has been one of the topics in most conversation in the recent days. Abuse of power by law enforcers is a tragedy that people wish would fade away from reality. Police brutality is a vice that has not degenerated over time but has rather remained constant. Some of the reasons why it seems not to be fading away are the existence of police subculture and failures in the criminal justice system. The police tend to have a subculture amongst them that blinds them from seeing injustices done by fellow police officers. This culture is very dangerous to the society as it confines the police into viewing citizens as the enemy. With this mentality, the police are quick to brutally attack citizens by beating them up, violently throwing tear gas at them or even gunning them down. Justice is never served to the victims as police officers tend to turn tables at the citizens and justify their actions by stating that they were just doing their work. The criminal justice systems have become corrupt especially when dealing with police brutality cases. Police officers are given the task to investigate the cases of police brutality brought to court. These investigations only cover up the reality of the crime done since the police officers do not want to paint a bad image of themselves by accepting the wrongdoing, thus they end up protecting their fellow law enforcers (Raines 3). The results of these investigations favor the fellow police officers leaving the judges no choice but to rule in favor of the police. Police brutality is an evil that continues in our societies. The police subculture and failures in the criminal

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