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Police and Children Name Teacher name College Police and Children Children have a right to be protected by law from any form of mistreatment. The police are mandated with the task of ensuring law and order for all people. As far as parents try hard ensuring the safety of their children, the police can also come in to continue with the same if the matter at hand is beyond the capability of the parents or the community at large. For instance, cases such as rape, kidnapping and harassment can be dealt by specialists who are the police. Police officers need to protect children from dangerous people due to the abduction, drugs, and gangs. The police officers need to protect all children around the world. There are a lot of people that are kidnaping children when they come back from their schools or when they walk home from the busses. Besides, the children at times are kidnapped from their families, hence making it hard for the parents to get them back. Technological progress worldwide has helped in the recovery process of the lost and kidnapped children. For example, "More than 99 percent of children reported missing in America in recent years have come home alive," an indication that the there is always hope when children are kidnapped (Goldberg, 2012). However, the police are the immediate officers who need to react spontaneously when informed of a missing or kidnapping incident. There are cases where the strangers study the habits of the child before kidnapping them calmly. They use incentives such as gifts, which they offer to the child thus seducing them to follow them; "These are more acts of seduction than abduction, where the child goes willingly with

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