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Poetry and Art Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The article talks about an analysis of a poem and a piece of art, the Anactoria poem together with the Exekias, Achilles, and Ajax Playing a Dice Game. The Anactoria poem is poetry that has used the power of sympathy. The piece of art talks about the representation of the ancient heroes of Greece and how they were vital to the people of Greece. The themes of the art and the poem are also discussed. Being that they are old articles, their relevance to today’s world is also described in the section.Most of the information contained in the articles played a paramount role ion our lives. Having gone through the poems, I have also presented how the poem and the piece of art have influenced my reasoning. The primary aim of this paper is to compare two articles and not only their impact on me but to the society at large. Key words: Analysis, articles, poetry, art The Anactoria Poem Introduction My conclusion to what the humanities are for is straight and simple.Humanities should help us to live a just life. We should look to our culture as a store of paramount ideas about how to deal with our most pressing professional and personal issues. Life is not simple as sometimes we face a lot of difficulties, but the most important thing is to remain focused always. Analysis I think the work has utilized the sympathetic power of poetry. It is a fascinating piece of poetry that is appealing and very interesting to read. I initially thought that the work was just about lust and sexual desires. However, at a sharp look, I realized that there is a deeper meaning than those words that are just written. A lot of

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