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Analysis of the poem POEM The poem communicates Memories of a lost lover. THEME The theme of the poem is about how losing someone can be detrimental to the people who loved him or her. TECHNIQUES OR DEVICES USED Imagery: There is the use of imagery to evoke the reader to get the visual picture of the scene (Herbert 1). In the first stanza, the poet uses the phrase “the well-tended garden” and the “fountain.” Metaphor: The poet chooses to use certain phrases to communicate how powerful the pain of losing someone could become. The poet, for example, uses the phrase, “birds singing in ecstasy” to portray her sense of losing a person she valued in her life (Herbert 1). Hyperbole: The author uses this technique to communicate the strength of her thoughts towards the subject matter. She says that” Fountain, birds, and grass were shaken by my thinking of your name.” WORKING THESIS Identifying the speaker of the poem and who she is addressing The speaker is a woman in pain of losing someone she loved. Identifying what the speaker is communicating The speaker visits a place with a garden and a fountain, which was the last place she met his lover. She has good, but painful memories of her love. How the poetic devices are used to communicate the message The poet uses imagery, hyperbole, and metaphor to convey the message to the reader of the poem. Analysis of why the writer wrote the poem the way he or she did The writer uses imagery, hyperbole, rhyme, and metaphor to help communicate her message to the reader. INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH The poem revolves around a person who lost his love. The speaker misses the presence of his lover. She,

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