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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Commentary of the Poem, “Stealing” By Carol Ann Duffy The Context of the Poem The major theme in the poem is loneliness or social alienation that may lead to some social deviant behaviors like stealing. The persona steals as a way of rectifying the loneliness that unfortunately does not become successful. The narrator steals a snowman as a ‘mate,' a casual friend, and companion, though the snowman is extremely cold and so do not solve the loneliness problem. At one time, the narrator also stole a guitar to learn how to play and possibly take care of the boredom of loneliness. To understand the happenings in the poem, the reader gets the memoir of the narrator’s past lonely life and the actions he took to try to rectify the persistent loneliness problems. The major importance of the poem is to let the readers connect the social loneliness and the personality of people in the society. It is through loneliness that readers get to understand the value of the alienation that some people may face. Therefore, any reader can connect to the theme of loneliness in the poem by empathizing with the narrator. To empathize is to be in the narrator’s shoes and know how the loneliness can be detrimental. The most interesting thing about the poem is that when the narrator engages in stealing or other socially non-acceptable behaviors, readers get to understand the cause of the behaviors and can easily empathize. Other themes include meaninglessness, hopelessness, and alienation. The Key Features in the Poem The thief was the narrator and recounts instances when he had to steal for various reasons. Though the gender of the persona remains

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