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Name Instructor Course Date Poem Analysis “There’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out” (Bukowski 1), in this case, the writer uses the bluebird as a metaphor in the poem to describe the feelings in his heart. It is an emotional demonstration that the poet demonstrates to the audience in an attempt to discuss his true feelings. He, however, does not express his feelings freely for fear of being made fun of by some quarters in the society. It is a gesture that the poet uses to justify his feelings to the audience who might not know the exact nature of his emotions. “You want to blow my book sale in Europe?”(Bukowski 1). The poet means this statement in a passive-aggressive manner to bring out an actual feeling of emotions. An aggressive-passive manner that the poet uses to communicate in the poem helps the audience to understand the direction where the poem is heading in terms of emotional feelings of the poet. When the poet says that he is too strong in the poem, he basically says that in a partial manner. He is using the term “strength” to explain the mask that an individual would wear to hide the emotions experienced regarding some issues. It does not necessarily refer to the real strength. The writer of the poem numerously writes “there’s a bluebird in my heart that/wants to get out/but I’m too tough for him” (Bukowski 1). In this case, the writer is basically referring to himself and the feelings that are wearing him down regarding the issue at hand. He quickly asserts that he is strong enough to grasp the bluebird and prevent it from escaping his heart. In this case, the writer does not mean the real strength but the mask

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