Poem Analysis: Decade by Amy Lowell

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Poem Analysis: Decade by Amy Lowell Amy Lowell writes this poem to illustrate the state that a relationship can leave one especially if it is true love. The relationship between these two characters, Army and Ada has been existence for some time since there is an indication of the beginning and later; “When you came… Now you are” implying the situation before and now (Lowell, N.p). The author has employed many poetic styles to support their theme of true love. The author uses metaphors and imagery to explain the situation between the couples. Metaphor entails using one word to represent the other while the imagery is a stylistic device that sparks off the feeling about something (Dewey, Lowes and Lowell 8-19). The paper shall look at some of the stylistic devices used by the author, and how they have helped in passing the message of the poem. There is a comparison in the opening part of the poem where the author expresses their feeling towards the persona. For instance, the line “when you came, you were like wine and honey” indicates the contemporary living styles of people in the world. People experience high intimacy level during their first dating, but it reduces with time, though the love remains present forever. The line, “now you are like morning bread” meaning that their love has taken steps and is out of passion but gone into strong relationship and understanding (Lowell, N.p). The symbolic use of words makes the poem unique as it has employed a special textual structure with short sentences and few lines. Metaphor, repetition, similes, hyperbole, and selective use of the words helps in attaining the objective of the poem which is pointing out the

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