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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course title Date Ethnocentrism and acculturation Ethnocentrism refers to the view that the set of values and norms for a certain ethnic group is superior to values and norms of all other ethnic groups. It creates a sense of belonging where every individual thinks that his/her culture is superior to other cultures. Ethnocentrism thus helps in keeping traditions associated to a particular culture alive. Acculturation, on the other hand, refers to the act of individuals from a particular culture borrowing or adapting to the traits of another culture. The effect of acculturation is that it leads to individuals from the perceived minority cultures adapting to the values and norms of the dominant culture. This leads to the changing of the original culture of the minority group and in some cases, parts of the culture are completely lost as individuals assimilate to the dominant culture. (Stathi & Claudia 56). Personal cultural individuality is important for human beings as it defines what molds individuals and the things that make individuals exceptional in culturally diverse societies. Individuals and groups need to be associated with certain identities that characterize them as unique. This is largely determined by the person’s cultural values and background. Forcing individuals from a perceived minority culture to abide by the values and norms of the dominant culture would lead to the loss of the individuals’ cultural individuality as well as the loss of traditions associated with that particular culture. Many cultural groups find it hard integrating into cultures to which they do not relate. Individuals should thus not

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