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Student Name Instructor Course Name Date Reflection Human beings are social in nature which makes it important to comprehend the role of social interaction in structuring the society. The social interaction, in this case, includes how people behave with others and their response to other people’s behavior (Shepard). From an individual perspective, the chapter has broadened my scope on social interaction in regards to the social structure, social control, crime, deviance, culture and social mobility. Also, the chapter’s content is relevant as it highlights issues that are present in our society. The basic assumption is that an effective social interaction system results in a substantive social organization that creates an environment where people focus more on good behavior rather than bad (Shepard). I have learned that the social groups play a crucial role in determining one’s behavior. The influence of the groups may be either positive or negative in which an individual may become either deviant or establish positive relations with other members of the society. Also, the chapter has broadened my view of the approaches associated with deviant behavior especially when it comes to the factors that prompt individuals to act against the social norms. A significant notion is that some forms of aggression are intentional while others develop out of necessity. The necessity, in this case, may be due to poverty, security cases and so forth. The aspect of control of human behavior explains the importance of having legal systems or laws that regulate human behavior. From an individual viewpoint, it is factual that the world keeps on changing in terms of

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