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Student’s name Professor’s name Course title Date Impact of Digital Technology on Peoples’ Lives In the wake of the digital revolution, many people are not sure whether it has been detrimental to people or beneficial. People still ask; have social media platforms enhance personal relationships or they have destroyed the human touch? Do we still have privacy in the digital world? And how has digital connectedness impacted businesses? Some people believe that the digital media has interfered with the “normal” way of life by introducing superficial communications. However, others still hold that the world is now a better place because of the power of online networks. Online networks complement our real-life connection by offering a broader scope of people spread across the world. Noa Gafni Slaney, a business lady, compares real-life relations and online networks and concludes that “The key difference is that I'm now able to tap into a global community, not just a local one.” She believes that social media has given people a platform to reach a wider audience and let their voices be heard. She gives the example of Twitter that does not promise to offer friendship, but a stage to connect and share critical issues that affect humanity. Therefore, the issue of fake relationship should not be a basis to dismiss the essence of online networks. On the contrary, others assert that social media has reduced the value of genuine interaction by creating a false urgency of public gratification through sharing. Emerson Csorba, an education policy adviser, explains that “Social media "likes" and new followers provide us with public approval, but this need for

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