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PART A Eye color in human beings is a unique trait. A pedigree flow chart shows members of a particular family who are affected by genetic characteristics. In the analysis, an individual should consider the most possible hint that is likely to come up with the decision whether a certain trait is dominant or recessive. The outcome is either related to the X-chromosome or an autosomal chromosome therefore it should be keenly evaluated. Brown color in the eyes is considered to be dominant whereas the blue color is recessive. Blue eyes need two copies to appear in the genotype as shown in the diagram below: According to the diagram illustrated above, blue eyes is recessive allele, Moreover, brown eyes are dominant allele which require only one copy to appear in the phenotype. PART B Medical practitioners should adhere to the ethical standards set in order to ensure that quality services are delivered to patients in hospitals. Recent trends have laws that govern them. For instance, an individual has the right to know his/her genetic status. However, such rights are contrary to theoretical arguments which state that certain issues should be confidential. In most cases, people realize that they are at a risk of a serious disease when it is too late. During such circumstances, there is no solution which is likely to be undertaken successfully, therefore the ill individual's life remains at a high risk due to lack of treatment. Genetic tests have become very common and individuals realize that they face risks of particular diseases which have no treatment. The burden of knowledge may become unbearable to some people. Patients being examined have to sign a request to

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