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The Obama Doctrine and the US Nuclear Strategy Name Institution What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Obama doctrine with regard to the US nuclear strategy? How did it influence the US security? is it positively or negatively? Why or why not? Introduction This paper seeks to discuss the Obama doctrine and how it influenced the US nuclear strategy. In this light, it will cover the importance of reducing nuclear weapons to the US security, the significance of preventing the spread of nuclear armaments, US relationship with Russia and other nuclear powers. The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear abolishing nuclear weapons and the future trends on the US nuclear policy and security. In this respect, the Obama doctrine incorporates two main ideas; the first one concerns America’s role in world affairs. This is regardless of the majority view of America as an aggressive and arrogant nation characterized by its failure to understand others, selfishness in chasing its interests as opposed to universal benefits, seeking too much attention for its independence, sovereignty, and freedom of action. The other idea is another idea is that multilateral organizations offer of best hope for limiting US power and regulating national assertiveness (Goldberg, 2016). The former US president Barrack Obama first promoted this perspective in 2009 in Cairo, where he brought to light a discourse that exists between Americans and Muslims. He highlighted that it is due to their hostility that America reacted contrary to their values in 2001. He mentioned that America’s efforts to institute acceptable international behavioral standards amounted self-interests and

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