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Echoes from a Distant Battlefield Student’s Name Institution Echoes from a Distant Battlefield The American army platoons in the battle of Wanat were not only victims of the Taliban forces but also of their leadership. As mentioned by experts, the leadership coordination in this battle portrayed a distracted and complacent leadership style that can be blamed for the death of the American soldiers in the Wanat attack. Lack of proper supervision, inadequate logical support, under-sourced counterinsurgency missions, poor defensive precautions and lack of supplies to the army personnel are among key issues that signal significant leadership incompetency in the Wanat attack (Helicher, 2015). In this case, the troops entire chain of command failed terribly in their efforts to articulate and plan combat missions, defense actions and protection of the American troops in the Wanat war. Interviews conducted on the family members of the victims in the Cubbison report illustrate the servicemen themselves expressed early signs of a deadly attack months before it had happened. However, the supervisors did not bother to take such issues into consideration. Ten-month long land negotiations in the Wanat region had drawn away from the concentration of the platoon supervisors which had made them take charge of their administrative and supervisory roles in the camp. To their advantage, the Taliban forces had ample time to plan and coordinate one of the deadliest attacks on the American forces. The report indicated that these negotiations had made the leader of the platoon, Captain Myer too busy that he didn't take charge of the operations until the last day before the attack.

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