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Play Therapy Research Name Institution Part A Why is it important to have research data supporting the effectiveness of mental health interventions with children? Research data is a crucial tool in determining the effectiveness of mental health Interventions. Through research data, we get to filter out the best treatment from analyzing the effectiveness of each research with the aim of getting the one with the best outcome regarding quality (Lawver, 2008). It is important to note that research gets done with a view to improving the existing treatment methods. Through research, advancements have been made on how to handle children with mental illness cases like trauma. Research data also help to convince insurance companies to cover the cost. It serves as evidence that the particular research works. What are some of the challenges to researching play therapy? The challenges faced in research play therapy include the fact that it lacks homogeneity in how different cases are handled. It has no universal measure or method of application, therefore, it is hard to analyze the research outcome on a universal level. The child is the dictator of how the play therapy will shape (Lawver, 2008). There is, therefore, no clear roadmap on how to handle different kids. The other challenge is that there are few journals readily available for consultation on how to tackle the different challenges that arise in the play research more research outcomes need to be made available so as to make reference materials easily accessible. What can researchers do to advance research about play therapy effectiveness? Most of the research articles and journals are hard to find. The outcome

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