Platform of Prevention of child abuse neglect and animail abuse

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Child abuse Although caring for children may be fun and rewarding, it can also be a stressful experience and not easy to undertake. Sometimes, a child may not get the amount of care that he or she needs and the family may require some help from one of the family members, a friend or the community. However, a child may be subjected to harm in any neighborhood or family. This is not something that many would gladly talk about, but there is a likelihood that abuse can happen to any child who attends the local school or plays in the local sports team. Child abuse is not a problem that is encountered in a particular social group or area since people from different social classes, religions, races and geographical areas can meet this issue. Under the child protection Act 1999, harm has been described as any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of the child (Merrick & Latzman, 6). Damage is said to be significant if the adverse impact on the toddler’s well-being is severe or substantial, more than transitory and should be demonstrable in the toddler’s behavior, presentation or functioning. Therefore child abuse can be summed as all forms of emotional and physical mistreatment, sexual assault, neglect, or any kind of child exploitation that is likely to cause potential harm to the development of the child, his or her health, dignity or survival in the context of a relationship of responsibility, power or trust. The four types of child abuse are physical abuse, which occurs in a child when he or she has encountered or is likely to encounter non-accidental physical injury

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