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PlacentophagyStudent’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The rate at which females are consuming their placenta is so alarming that the once non-issue has turned out to be a global concern. Placentophagy is a common practice among other mammals but could have been hardly experienced by the human beings. This is because there is no culture in the contemporary society that perpetrates ingestion of one’s placenta as defined by societal traditions (Hayes, 2015). Though the practice is not yet common in all the six continents of the world it is gaining momentum among women from minority groups; particularly in Europe, Australia and North America. Besides, placentophagy has also been reported to sprout in the so-called traditional medicine of the Chinese culture. Precisely, preparation of the placenta involves drying, roasting, and processing into capsules before consumed by the newly delivered lactating mothers. Despite the subjectivity of the evidence supporting the benefits associated with placentophagy, numerous companies have shown their interest in processing human placenta specifically for new mothers to use. It is essential to note that the existing evidence mostly emanates from self-report surveys hence their credibility cannot be guaranteed before proper research. Individuals in support of placentophagy argue that the intake of the capsules results in specific mental and physical benefits (Hayes, 2015). Being a practice whose uses are still debatable, analyzing the evidence of potential risks and benefits of placentophagy makes it relevant to determine the role of nurses in guiding their patients to make an informed choice on the placentophagy

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