Pilgrims Progress

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Paper Outline I. Introduction A. Thesis: This section indicates the stance of the essay or rather what the essay seeks to discuss. B. Introduction concepts: The section gives a detailed description of the pilgrim process as far as its basis is concerned. II. Background History: The part comprises the first chronology of events of the pilgrim progress. III. Initial Pilgrim Progress as per Christian together with his Symbolisms. Christian and “Celestial City”: The section gives information about how Christian perceived Celestial City and how determined he was to reach the city. Christian and Evangelist: The section defines Christian’s encounter with Evangelism and how he initially helped him on his journey to Celestial City. IV. Progressive Symbolisms in Christian’s life. Christian with Pliable and Obstinate: The section introduces Pliable and Obstinate who are two personalities who Christian met with and tried to convince him to forego his journey to the city of light. B. Christian and “Slough of Despond”: The section gives information about the suffering that Christian underwent when he nearly drowned in the swamp of “Slough of Despond”: V. Initial Christiana Symbolisms A. Christiana and “Great Heart”: The section gives the final events which occurred before Christian managed to reach “Celestial City.” VI. Other Instances of Symbolism in Christiana’s Life. Christiana and “Legion”: The section highlights Christiana’s encounter with “Legion” and how “Legion” made it hard for her to progress with her journey to the city of light. Christiana and Hopeful: The

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