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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Evil or Good Answer 1 = A Religious believers argue that evil does not6 prove that there is no God, however, it helps us appreciate the goodness. The best critic for this statement is that God would have made human beings more intelligent and sensitive to guarantee that they avoid excessive suffering. Question 2=C Bruce Russel will take point C to be wrong. This is because Bruce Russel believes that God exists, and He is the only one who can judge the degree of suffering. He states that the only reason why people would think that God does not exist is because they cannot know or see God’s reason for causing suffering. Thus, we only justify what we can see. Answer 3 = C Swinburne uses free-will defense when he argues that God exists, so does both natural and moral evil. Again, Swinburne believes that free-will defense deals with moral evil, which consequently extends to the natural evil. This means that both moral and natural evil exists in the world. Answer 4 = True William James argues that unless someone has sufficient evidence supporting the existence of God, he/she holds the right to deny or reject his presence. However, Williams argue that one must adopt an agnosticism until there is prove of sufficient evidence. Question 5=False This statement is false. This is because Bruce mentions that we should not use a complicated hypothesis rather we should use one that does not have a hidden posit. For example, he says that failing to believe in something does not justify or give a reason to people that the thing does not exist. Question 6=A According to William Clifford, he would have disagreed with point A. This is

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