physical design and planning of barrage .

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Name Professor Course Date Physical Design and Planning Of Barrage Introduction A barrage is a structure constructed across a river and includes diversion structures that lead to raising the level of water in a river and control of its flow. For the efficient functionality of a barrier (Albinson 13), it has to have components such as; Canal head regulator that assists in the regulation of inflow of water into the canal Devices that enable for sediment exclusion that helps in sediment removal that is in suspension from river water. Likewise, these devices also support in the inhibition of entry of sediments in the canal Stoplogs and Gates in flow management that takes place in the major structure for diversion and the head regulator. Normally, stop logs are used in emergency situations that involve the closure of the inflow taking place in barrage’s bay or the head regulator Training operations that occur on rivers and essential in guiding of water towards the barrage Facilities for fish passage and navigation that ensure there is no obstruction on the river brought by the barrage construction so that ships, boats, and fish may move freely in the river. Regarding the above components, the chief part in the design of a barrage is the design of head regulator. However, the paper will also evaluate on the devices that facilitate the removal of sediments that ever lie in suspension. Design As already mentioned earlier, regulator present in the canal’s of head taking and also exist within the barrages backward is the canal head regulator. The structure assists in the regulation of water supply into the canal for purposes such as irrigation, HEP

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