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Phonology Student’s Name Institution LING1402: Introduction to Language Structure GRADED PHONETICS ACTIVITY(10 points = 2%) Type name here:Type ID #: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS Transcribe the following words phonetically as you would pronounce them. Believable __________ /bɪˈliːvəbl/_______________ align ___________ /əˈlʌɪn/______________ plainly ____________ /pleɪnli/______________ (a) Write down the full phonetic description of the sounds represented by the following symbols – voiceless labiodental fricative – voiced velar nasal – tense mid back rounded vowel (b) Write down the phonetic symbols for the following sounds. Voiced interdental fricative – Voiced bilabial Nasal – mid front unrounded lax vowel – (iv)high back rounded lax vowel – 3. Discuss the importance of the velum in the production of speech (in no more than 4 sentences). During the speech, the velum is raised to prevent air from escaping through the nose. The velum is also an articulator that can be touched by the tongue. Therefore, it is used in speech to make the sounds g and k, also called velar consonants. Phonology – Activity 3.1 ANSWER ALL THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONSExplain with the use of examples what a minimal pair is. In phonology, the term minimal pair refers to two words that only have one sound difference. Examples of such pairs include cheer and jeer, hat and cat. Minimal pairs in Italian -Consider the following data below i. ‘I dye’ ‘I keep’ _____________YES_______________ ii. ‘dye’ ‘tent’ _______________NO_____________ iii. ‘mushroom’ ‘mud’

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