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Persuasive Speech Name of Institution Name of Course Persuasive speech on Success “People think that success is brought how much someone owns”. Success is a state of mind (Galbraith 2014). I want to convince my audience that success is not supposed to be defined by what one owns. Success has got different definitions from different people. Some define it as having what one requires in their life, for example, money. Others see success as having personal happiness in their lives. What if their happiness comes from others sufferings? According to me, material possessions and money cannot define success in people; same to personal happiness. People’s impacts on the society can be the only definition of their success (Galbraith 2014). There are people who suffer a lot in their lives but lead successful lives. They go through severe torture for them to succeed. For example, freedom liberators undergo hard times in their fight towards delivering their people from their oppressors. Our Lord Jesus Christ underwent the same suffering on His mission of saving the world. Despite the pain he endured, He succeeded in His mission. People’s social status may be used by some people to define their success (Hunter 2014). Using such definition renders those of low status as unsuccessful. Such a definition makes those with huge salaries seem successful as compared to their low earner's counterparts. Those without money or less material possessions will seem unsuccessful according to this definition. This is not true; some people earn a lot of money but end up living miserable lives and its opposite is true (Hunter 2014). Thus, it is not logical to define success by what

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