Persuasive Essay on ONLINE DATING.

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Name Instructor Course Date Persuasive Essay on Online Dating Online dating, otherwise referred to as internet dating refers to the various platforms by which individuals can get acquainted with each other, communicate and build social relationships over time, that eventually lead to dates. According to Brym and Lenton (8), the internet facilitates social interactions between individuals through various platforms and ways such as exchanging online messages, photos and images among others. No doubt a departure from the dating and social matchmaking in prehistoric or ancient times, online dating has, however, proven to be widely popular with the current generation, given the global advancement in information and communication technology. An exploration of the various dynamics of online dating will no doubt validate its relevance and usefulness in the present era, as well as provide convincing arguments on why people need to embrace it. Online dating presents individuals with the unique advantage of a limitless extent of choices given the infinite nature of the Internet. The internet offers various online dating platforms and sites which offer a limitless assistance in matchmaking of individuals seeking potential suitors. The dynamism presented by online dating sites even extends to options for those seeking just platonic social relationships, romantic relationships or even long-term social commitments. The fact that with a simple click of a keying in on pages of various sites online, one can instantly meet mutually agreeable partners or friends is wonderful. According to Brym and Lenton (12), online dating presents individuals seeking romantic partners with

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