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Personal Narrative Name Institution Abstract A personal narrative is a writing style narrative that relates to personal experience and usually told in the first person. Writing a personal story can be compelling to the writer as well as the person reading it. Most people use this form of writing to share their experiences or the experiences of others, and it also creates awareness of some of the struggles people feel shy talking about. Also, it enables one understand the viewpoint of another when compared to theirs. This paper will analyze "Fear of a Black Man" a personal narrative written by Abilash Gopal and discuss some of the similarities and differences in terms of perspectives or opinions that they may have to mine. Additionally, I will briefly identify what I can learn by being able to understand his story and perspectives and whether reading these perspectives helps me grow in terms of how I view others. Keywords: personal narratives, perspectives, viewpoints, author, reader Personal Narrative "Fear of a Black Man" is a personal narrative written by Abilash Gopal. He takes about his experience with a young black male patient who as per his previous doctors was diagnosed with severe anxiety, paranoia, and polysubstance abuse. Being a man of color too, Gopal talks of some of the challenges people like him go through on a daily basis and how prejudice ends up playing a part in perception (Gopal, 2016). The differences Gopal may have I comparison to me is that he seems to have gotten the opportunity to live well and from a good cultural background and these to some extent may make him have a different point of view. For example, by him assuming his

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