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Personal Creed Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Personal Creed Introduction According to Creger (2004), creed is derived from Latin word “credo” which means “I believe” therefore personal creed can be defined a statement of belief about who you are. It is a blueprint for how one lives his life. Interview. The essential feature for active learning I believe effective teaching entails having a conducive environment that enables the student archive their learning objective. I believe effective teaching involves asking and answering questions. For active learning and education, we need proper equipment for study and a variety of learning models like peer-peer learning, e-learning, and mobile learning. And lastly, I believe student teacher relationship significantly affects students’ performance and understanding of the course content the students should be set free to interact with the teachers outside and inside the class (Moran, Harris, & Moran, 2011). Predictor of a student's success? Student’s success is determined by the support from both teachers and parents. I believe that both financial and choice of school will significantly affect students success. Students need guidance; I think Closeness to God and full dedication to church is a predictor of success. It is only through God that students can excel well. Their resilience and determination determine Student's final success.Coping with the demands of life will have a significant impact on student’s life and success. I believe that developing of high emotional intelligence will affect a student’s success if a student has great self-awareness, self-management and a good social awareness

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