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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Perfusionist In an operating room, surgeons perform different surgical procedures to save lives. Some of these procedures such as heart surgery are very complicated in that medical surgeons cannot do it alone. They require different specialists to perform different tasks in the operation room so that the operation can be successful. One person that bears one of the most vital roles is the perfusionist. The perfusionist is the medical professional responsible for running heart-lung machine during an open-heart surgery (Brown 114). They are responsible for managing the respiratory and circulatory system of the patient. The perfusionist is mostly instrumental during a heart or lungs surgery when the surgeon needs to stop the patient’s heart or lung temporarily. The machine operated by a perfusionist adds oxygen to the blood and then returns it to the body to make the patient stay alive during the surgery. Perfusionists needs to undergo a number of training so that they can be able to handle the heart-lung machine effectively. Everyone who is aspiring to become a perfusionist must complete the necessary perfusionist program that takes a minimum of four years. There are two ways a student can undertake the training. First, a student can complete a bachelor degree that takes a minimum of four years. Second, the student can enroll in the master program in other related areas such as science or cardiovascular perfusion. Irrespective of the way used, the student must complete some relevant courses which include chemistry, math physiology, and anatomy. During the program, the student will undergo some training that

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