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Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) since 2006 Student’s Name Institutions Affiliation Date The college opened its doors for students twelve years ago on 18th August 2006. Currently, the school records a headcount of 12 287 enrolled students. Looking into its history back in 2006, we see that the college admitted 118 students. By 2007 the number had risen to 144.By calculation; 12267 – 118 = 12149; In twelve years the population of the college has risen by 12149 students. This change is, therefore, a positive indication of the spontaneous growth of the institution. The college has 8289 students enrolled currently on a full-time basis, and 3998 enrolled on a part-time basis. This forms 67.5% full-time enrolled students and 32.5% part-time enrolled students. In 2006 when the school started, only 38 students were enrolled on a full-time basis and 80 students on part-time. Assuming the numbers and concentrating on the percentage, 32.2% students were full-time enrolled students whereas 67.8% students were part-time. 67.5 – 32.2 = 35.3%. There has been a 35.3% increase in the number of students enrolled on a full-time basis. This increase is an indicator that the institution is gradually growing. Also, the college has admitted jointly enrolled students. These are students who are enrolled in college while still in high school. 536 of the students who form 4.4% of the population are on this basis of enrolment. The college has recorded a high number of female students as compared to males since 2006. In percentage, there were 67.8% of female students as compared to 32.2% males. This number has however narrowed down to 56.3% female students and 43.7% male

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