Paradise Lost

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Name Course Instructor Date Paradise Lost Where do the fallen angels find themselves after their rebellion? The fallen angels found themselves in hell. Satan taking the form of a serpent was envious of the Creator and decided to rebel by deceiving humankind. The Creator notices the selfish plans of the rebel angels and punishes them by casting them out of heaven (25-35). Who is their leader? The Satan who took the form of a serpent is the leader of the rebellion. The author describes the Satan (infernal serpent) as the one "who first seduced the angels to join the revolt" (35). The connection between the rebellion of the fallen angels and “man’s first disobedience.”After the fall of the rebelling angels, God only had hope in humanity to remain obedient. However, the serpent wanted to win over more soldiers in defying God's rule. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had for some time agreed to obey God's instructions carefully. The order was that both of them were not supposed to eat any fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Satan through the serpent whispers to Eve to disobey God's order. Even though angels like Gabriel and Raphael still loyal to God tried to fight off the Satan, Eve shares with Adam her dream in which was tempted to eat from the forbidden tree. The Satan found Eve alone and convinced her to eat from the forbidden tree. Eve later convinced Adam to eat from the tree, both disobeyed God's order, and that was man's first disobedience. Do you view the speaker as humble, ambitious, or some combination of these? The speaker is ambitious, especially in the opening lines of the text. In the first three lines, the speaker seems to blame "our

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