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Article Critique Name Institutional Affiliation Date Problem statement and Research Intent Currently, more than 50% of marriage unions in the United States end up in divorce. Many of those who divorce remarry later. The aim of the research in question is to determine whether there are any differences between the first and the second marriages. This paper aims to discuss the factors that influence the nature of the first and the second unions. It aims to determine whether the currently available models are sufficient at explaining both the formation of first and second marriages. Paper Review The paper recognizes the role of social economic status in marriages. First-time marriages have a primary role in improving individual’s social economic status. The two individuals pool their resources and work together to broaden their horizon and therefore amerce wealth much faster. In many studies, single-parent families are shown to be poorer which supports the argument that married people have a large aptitude to wealth generation (Shafer & James, 2013). This paper argues that during the first marriage, social economic status is not very important. Most of the partners are at equal positions. Other factors such as cultural tendencies, beliefs, styles, tastes and other factors are essential. The authors of this paper liken marriage to an employment vacancy where the employer never ceases to seek an employee until he or she finds one that fits or exceeds the required standards. Despite the enormous contribution of cultural perspectives to marriage, this article finds that social economic status is easily used as a benchmark for this quality. The financial status

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