overarching goals of Healthy People 2020

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Overarching Goals of Healthy People 2020 Name Institution Overarching Goals of Healthy People 2020 First, I chose the goal of achieving a health equity and reducing disparities as one of the overarching goals to attain healthy people in 2020. I would apply this purpose in the nursing practice by ensuring a strategic focus on society or community at most significant risk. Typically, health equity is when every person has a fair opportunity to live longer and better life. Disparities adversely affect individuals who experience significant obstacles in accessing good health on the basis such as, religion, economic status, age, gender, racial or ethnicity (Hosseinpoor, Bergen & Schlotheuber, 2016). Therefore, I would intensify measures such as working plans to focus on those people who are less advantaged so that they get better treatments like others. The strategy would include increasing competent nurses and quality facilities to curb the pressure from a large population patient. Second, creating social and physical environments is another goal that would help promote good health for all. The purpose will be applied to addressing how social activities like housing, transport or culture impact lives of individuals (Schneider et al., 2017). As a healthcare provider, I will increase a public understanding of specific health determinants which could have much effect on people’s lives. In that way, individuals can stay safe and avoid involvement in some activities that would pause health complications such as disabilities or diseases. The reason as to why the goal of health equity needs to be incorporated in the nursing work is to meet clinical missions of saving

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