Outline for Shoulder Reading

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Name: Supervisor: Course: Date: The Shoulder Labelled Structures Acromion Orientations and Shoulder Impingements left8572500 The types of acromion orientations indicated above are known as Flat, Curved, Hooked and Convex. According to Magee (257), Type 1 exhibits has an acromion is parallel to the humeral head. Type 2 has a concave undersurface. It is considered the common type. In type 3, the most anterior portion of the acromion has a hooked shape. It is related to increased shoulder impingement. For type 4, the underside of the acromion is convex near the end. Here the impingement syndrome already exists. Causes of Shoulder Impingement Primary Causes: Impingement syndrome is a pain brought about by rubbing the rotor cuff tendon or biceps tendon against the acromion and being born with a smaller sub-acromial space. Conditions like osteoarthritis translate to the growth of sub-abdominal spurs which narrow the acromion space. Impingement occurs when one has a dynamically unstable shoulder. This is because of weak serratus anterior muscle, tight pectoralis minor muscles, and weak rotor cut-off tendons. Secondary Causes: Secondary or indirect causes are related to physical activity and posture. Impingement can be caused by poor posture involving the neck shoulder or spine, repetitive overhead activities, forwarded shoulder position and excessive loading. The process of aging also causes degeneration of the rotor cuff (Magee, 260). Mechanism of Injury Fall onto the Acromion: Here the humerus moves up into the acromion and presses on the tendons. This leads to the tearing of the rotor cut-off tendon. Going Dead. The shoulder capsule of the front

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