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Osmosis Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Osmosis Introduction In this lab report, potatoes were used to investigate the relationship between solute concentration and the movement of water through a selectively permeable membrane by the process of osmosis. When in different concentration, water moves from hypotonic to a hypertonic solution via a selectively semi-permeable membrane. Osmosis occurs due to the difference of osmolality (a measure of solute concentration) inside the cell as well as the solution surrounding the cell that results in the swelling of the cell (Chen, Wu, Zhang, GAO & Gai, 2018). Potato cells are hypertonic to the hypotonic water solution and with osmosis, water enters the cells making them swell. Hypothesis The experiment aimed at investigating what happens if potato cells are placed in solutions of different concentration. Materials The materials used include: seven potatoes cut into 5 strips, warm distilled water, 6g table salt, 7 cups, scale, 500ml beaker, two spoons, ruler, and two kitchen knives. Procedure 7 cups were filled with 50mL of the assigned solution. The first cup was filled with distilled water, the second cup with the 2mL solution, third cup with the 4mL solution, the fourth cup with the 6mL solution, the fifth cup with the 8mL solution, the sixth cup with the 1.0mL solution, and the seventh cup got filled with an unknown solution. . The potato was sliced into 5 strips and their mass determined and recorded in the table. The 4 cubes were then placed in the cup with sucrose solution and left to stand for 24 hours. The strips were then removed from the solution and blot dried using the paper towel. The

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