origin of the US Government

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Forming the US Government Name Professor Course Date Introduction The US government traces its inception not long after the country was proclaimed independent following the American Revolution. The constitution being the governing tool for every country, each of the States had their constitutions which above everything else gave its people freedoms and fundamental human rights. The constitution had provisions for the government organs and their jurisdictions particularly in overseeing foreign issues. With the provisions of the constitution, the Americans chose their first president through the Electoral College comprising delegates from represented states in 1789. The Constitution and Bill of Rights denoted a defining moment in individuals' thoughts regarding government. The two archives set Enlightenment thoughts in motion. They expressed an idealistic view that changes could prevail and that progress was inescapable. The American Revolution The Americans had the privilege to some human right freedom in the late eighteenth century than their counterparts who were European subjects. This is in spite of them occasionally boycotting imports while burning ships and resisting taxes. However, their loyalty to the European colonials was immeasurable. They met up from extremely divergent districts and social orders since they discovered shared the opinion in their grievances, their worries about oppression, and their thoughts of self-assurance. In the first place, the Americans looked for compromise with their sovereign alongside acknowledgment of their rights. Once the ideas of freedom and self-portrayal were held, the main outstanding game-plan was a parliamentary

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